How Do You Find a No-ID Checking Cashing Establishment?

It is not possible to find a check-cashing establishment that does not check ID because all check-cashing establishments are required to check ID to ensure that the money goes to the intended recipient of the check. However, some check-cashing establishments, such as Continental Currency Services, also offer their own photo IDs, as reported by the company's website; to find these places, check the company's official website to see if they offer the service.

Check-cashing establishments ask for ID cards to prevent fraud. They want to make sure that the recipient cashes the check and prevent others from cashing checks that are not intended for them. Because check-cashing stores handle money, they are governed by federal, state and local laws requiring them to prevent fraud, as reported by Pawn Nerd. They must be able to verify their transactions and report them to various governments.

Some people may have trouble obtaining accepted forms of government ID. In these cases, some check-cashing places issue their own ID cards for a small fee. This allows the cardholder to cash checks in that specific establishment without government ID. Use the following steps to find these services.

  1. Browse check-cashing store websites
  2. Check-cashing websites usually provide a list of services that they perform, as exemplified on the Continental Currency Services website.

  3. Go to the services page
  4. Look at the company's services page for a complete list of services it provides. If it offers an ID for check-cashing purposes, it should be listed among the other services.

  5. Go to the check-cashing store
  6. Go to a store location to purchase a photo ID card. Customers can find a list of locations on the company website.