How Are IBAN Numbers Generated for Barclays U.K. Bank Accounts?


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You can generate the International Bank Account Number, or IBAN, for Barclays U.K. bank accounts on Barclays Corporate website. Generating IBAN requires your Barclays U.K. sort code and account number.

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You can find the IBAN generator tool on the official website of Barclays Corporate. The link to the IBAN Generator is available on the homepage under Useful Resources.

To use the generator, enter your Barclays U.K. sort code and account number. State whether the account is in sterling or another currency. The generator allows you to enter up to 12 accounts.

If your enter the incorrect information, sort codes or account numbers three times consecutively, you need to restart your Web browser to try again at generating IBANs.

Alternatively, you can find your IBAN for each of your Barclays U.K. bank accounts printed on your bank statement.

IBAN is a bank account number in an internationally recognized format and is the standard format for account numbers issued within Europe. IBANs are used for nearly all payments within Europe, and mandatory for SEPA Credit Transfers and cross-border euro payments within the European Union. Besides an IBAN, a SWIFT BIC, or Bank Identifier Code, is needed for the transaction. When you receive money with a Barclays U.K. bank account, your SWIFT BIC is BARCGB22, as of 2015.

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