How Do You Get an IBAN Number?

Individuals with bank accounts in countries that use the international bank account number model can get their IBAN from their local branch or bank website, according to NatWest. This includes a number of countries in Europe, Asia and Africa but doesn’t include the United States or Canada.

The IBAN is an internationally recognized standard for bank account numbers, and it’s used to facilitate bank transfers between financial institutions in separate countries. The accepted format always features a country code, two check digits, identifying codes for the financial institution and the individual account number, although each country’s exact layout may differ. When used correctly, the IBAN makes payment processing faster and reduces the chance of mistakes, states Wells Fargo.

Getting an IBAN number requires very little effort. The information is usually readily available from participating financial institutions. NatWest account holders, for instance, can find their IBAN number on the bottom of their monthly statements.

IBAN numbers are not available for bank accounts based in the United States. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication code is used by many U.S. financial institutions instead of the IBAN to process international wire transfers. The code differs depending on the banking provider and is used with the basic bank account number, according to Bank of America.