How Do You Get Your HVAC License?


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To get your heating, air conditioning and refrigeration contractor license, or HVAC license, you must pass a written test in the area in which you plan to specialize, such as small appliances or low-pressure refrigerants. Organizations approved by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, including contractor associations, trade schools, building groups or unions, administer the exams. The exact method of obtaining your HVAC license depends on your selected area or state you wish to work.

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Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration installers and mechanical, or HVAC technicians, repair ventilation, cooling, refrigeration and heating systems that control the air temperature in buildings. Each state differs in the classification of HVAC licenses and the procedure to get a license. To get your HVAC license in Texas, you need a degree in mechanical engineering or air conditioning. As an alternative, you need at least three years of experience no more than five years previous to the application.

To get a license in Virginia, you must pay the exam fee and application fee. You also need to carry the appropriate insurance. Some states, such as New York, Kentucky, Wyoming, New Jersey and Illinois, do not require an HVAC license on the state level. However, check with the local jurisdiction to determine if the county or city requires a license.

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