Are There Any HurryCane Complaints?


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Plenty of HurryCane users have gone on record with complaints, although most HurryCane reviews on Amazon.com appear positive. Some users complained that the HurryCane was too flimsy or that their units broke after brief use.

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Quite a few users have reported issues with HurryCane's customer service department. When seeking refunds and replacements, many customers have experienced unexplained delays or order cancellations.

Many users agree that HurryCane incorporates a brilliant design concept that was not properly executed. The HurryCane's main selling point is its stable base, which purportedly remains flat on the ground while the main part of the cane pivots. The base is also intended to allow the device to stand on its own for easy retrieval. However, many consumers complained that although it is advertised as an "all-terrain cane," the HurryCane only stands up on a hard, flat surface, Some users report that on any surface, a standing HurryCane tips over easily.

A significant number of individuals complained that they felt less safe using the HurryCane than when using an ordinary cane. Currently, HurryCane is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau. However, this company has earned a B+ rating from the BBB. This signifies that the company has made a good faith effort to resolve consumer complaints registered with the BBB.

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