Are Hunting Cabins for Sale in Pennsylvania Generally Expensive?


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Some Pennsylvania hunting cabins are expensive, but some small cabins can be found for under $50,000 in 2015. The cost varies widely depending on the quality of the cabin, location and size of the land.

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Many of the less expensive hunting cabins are more primitive. They may rely on generators for heat and have rudimentary plumbing. Some rely on an outhouse or privy instead of indoor bathrooms. Cabins that have modern amenities such as indoor plumbing and electricity are generally considerably more expensive due to the cost of developing the land and installing utilities. Some hunting land is completely undeveloped, and hunters rely on temporary camps or recreational vehicles to use them. These are often the cheapest options.

Mineral rights can also affect the cost of the land. A property with good natural gas or oil development potential may be more expensive than land in an area where mining is prohibited or where there are few resources. Access is another factor. Cabins that are located near paved, maintained roads often cost more than those located far back on dirt roads that may be difficult to access in inclement weather.

The cost of a hunting cabin can be offset somewhat by leasing it to other hunters, which is a common practice in Pennsylvania.

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