What Are Some HumanaOne Dental Plans?


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HumanaOne Dental plans vary by state but can include the dental value plan, the dental preventive plus plan, the loyalty plus plan and the dental savings plus plan. These plans are popular with consumers because they are affordable, comprehensive and have a big provider network, reports HSA for America.

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HumanaOne Dental Preventive Plus offers access to over 130,000 dentists with no copayment for regular visits covering most preventive benefits on a yearly deductible. If the insured person completes his deductible, he is offered a discount for the fundamental services. The prepaid HumanaOne Dental Value plan is aimed at maintenance and preventive dental health services. The applicant chooses his primary dental care provider when applying, and the plan offers no insurance waiting, no maximums and no deductibles, explains HSA for America.

The HumanaOne Dental Loyalty Plus rewards a subscriber according to the length of his subscription. It offers only a single deductible for the basic policy or complex dental surgeries. Migration to another provider has no impact on the person's benefits and savings. The HumanaOne Dental Simple Choice plan offers consumer fixed charges on services without any deductibles. The HumanaOne Dental Savings Plus is targeted at consumers in need of an extensive dental plan; essentially, it is more of a discount plan than coverage, according to HSA for America.

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