What Are Some of Humana's Dental Insurance Plans?


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Humana's dental insurance plans include dental preferred provider organization, or PPO; traditional preferred; preventive plus; dental health maintenance organization, or DHMO, prepaid; and advantage plus, notes Humana. Its dental insurance plans focus on early diagnosis, prevention and treatment. The plan certificates contain information on deductibles and waiting periods.

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The traditional preferred plan offers low deductibles and the flexibility to visit any dentist, states Humana. Dental PPO offers discounts to patients who use in-network dentists, but also offers the choice of using out-of-network dentists. Preventive plus covers some basic and major services, and it offers discounts that are only available on some services provided by in-network dentists. Patients who opt for advantage plus use dentists in the Humana Dental Advantage Plus network at a prenegotiated rate. DHMO-prepaid allows patients to see their dentist at a prenegotiated rate.

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