What Are Some Human Resources Jobs at McDonald's?

What Are Some Human Resources Jobs at McDonald's?

Some human resources jobs at McDonald's include analytics and sourcing recruiters and global talent management directors. Director of human resources is another position used by the company, as stated by McDonald's.

An analytics and sourcing recruiter is responsible for keeping track of recruiting data and building systems and techniques for recruiting.

A global talent management director is responsible for being a consultative leader for stakeholders and managers. The position also entails developing programs and processes to ensure recruiting requirements are met, both internationally and domestically.

Directors of human resources work to build employee relationships, handle problems with employees and managers and set examples for all employees.

The job positions available vary depending on the needs of the company and the needs of local stores. To search for open positions or to learn about each job in human resources, applicants can visit the official McDonald's website and choose the career links. From there, search for jobs in specific fields and by location. The careers page also instructs on how to apply for desired positions.

Users can also visit Indeed.com to learn about open positions and what the job entails. Enter McDonald's in the search bar and filter options by selecting human resources positions.