How Does Human Resources Handle Complaints?


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Human resources representatives often begin handling complaints by organizing them in order of immediate importance and addressing them by interviewing parties involved to find the root of the problem and solutions to resolve it. If a complaint involves a large number of people, the human resource representative may gather a meeting or round table discussion to elicit productive feedback and come to a reasonable conclusion.

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Upon receiving a complaint, human resources often speaks first with those who issued the complaint to gather more details before addressing others involved, whether that be fellow co-workers or management.

After assessing all important details of a complaint, the representative usually takes action to help enact a solution as quickly as possible to avoid tension building and the problem worsening. Actions taken may include disciplinary action, proactive steps to improve workplace morale or conflict mediation. In the time following the resolved complaint, human resources usually checks in on the parties involved with the complaint and monitors the outcome.

If the complaint has to do with a serious legal matter, human resources may use the services of a lawyer or other impartial representative to act as counsellor or mediator. In most cases, discretion is important in preserving the reputation of those involved and discouraging unwanted negativity.

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