Why Is Human Resource Planning Important?

human-resource-planning-important Credit: Dimitri Otis/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Human resource planning is important as it is used to determine what person is best for a particular job. HR departments utilize various tools to ensure they select the right people. The following methods are used in human resource planning.

Posting job descriptions on job boards is a business strategy, not just an announcement. Human resource departments post job descriptions to eliminate people who don’t qualify. In theory job descriptions increase the number of qualified people who apply for the job. Another tool used in human resource planning is background checks. These eliminate individuals who may pose a threat to the company or their coworkers. Requirements for background checks vary from company to company. Some companies examine an individual's entire personal records, while others only review a few years.

Employees within the organization are also subject to human resource planning. Employers utilize human resource planning tools when they are considering employees for promotions. They do this by assessing an employee's appraisals, another tool in a company's human resource planning arsenal. Managers review these appraisals to determine whether an individual is the best candidate for a promotion. If the employee appraisal shows he has the skills needed for the position, he moves along in the process.