What Is Human Resource Management?

Human resource management, or HRM, is the department within an organization that concentrates on interviewing, recruiting, managing and directing employee-related processes. Human resource management is used to plan and coordinate various administrative and staffing related functions. This area of management is the link between new or existing employees and management. HRM handles functions associated with performance management, compensation, safety, benefits, employee motivation, training and organizational development.

HRM consults with executives on strategic planning and develops an extensive approach to managing employees. Human resource management is responsible for improving workplace culture and environment. This type of management helps employees contribute to the culture, and it is used in some organizations to improve productivity. HRM ensures that tasks are completed on time, and it helps oversee employee relations.

Human resource management helps the organization accomplish specific goals and objectives. The duties of the human resource management department include planning and coordinating the organization’s use of employee talent. HRM administers different employee services and helps lead the organization in the desired direction. Human resource management is used to recommend organizational policies such as harassment and equal opportunity employment. HRM also manages various staffing issues, such as disciplinary procedures. It is the responsibility of HRM to attract, motivate and retain qualified employees. The department must also accurately match employees to appropriate positions.