What Does HRIS Training Involve?


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Human resource information management training typically involves studying the use of a particular piece of software to learn how to complete various human resources tasks with it, such as enrolling employees in benefits programs, tracking payment options, creating an employee database or submitting time off reports. The training may vary according to the particular model and version of human resources management software in use.

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The term HRIS refers to any form of software system that enables the user to complete electronically a wide range of tasks that relate to the field of human resources. As there are many different types of software in existence that cover these tasks, the training methods and courses may involve a wide range of different actions, activities and processes. Some courses may require on-site participation with the program in order to access specific features and work with real employee data, while some online training classes can simulate the use of the program or include study materials and worksheets to cover key concepts.

In most cases, the training begins with an overview of the software and its purpose, explaining any special services it offers or features that are not present in that particular version. Training in a work environment may focus only on the tasks that directly relate to that position. For example, a human resources associate may only learn how to create and manage employee records, where a benefits manager may learn how to activate insurance and retirement options.

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