How Do You Find Housesitting Jobs in Victoria, British Columbia?

How Do You Find Housesitting Jobs in Victoria, British Columbia?, and provide resources for finding a housesitting job in Victoria, British Columbia. Each site lets applicants create a profile and search for open vacancies based on location and availability.

After submitting contact details, users write a short, detailed listing outlining their attributes and highlighting past experience, expertise and skills. Housesitting duties include pet sitting and overseeing a variety of tasks specific to the property.

Once a housesitter’s profile goes live, homeowners can search for individuals through the different sites' databases, or applicants can message the employers directly through a secure messaging system. Searches are refined by the duration of the job and the requirements of the owner. Rating systems are in place for feedback from the homeowner and the housesitter once a job has ended. offers a free limited housesitter's membership trial, after which the service charges an annual fee. has the cheapest annual fee and charges the most per month, as of 2015. The site has more housesitting listings than the competition, clocking in at an average at 15,000 worldwide listings. The old listings on may confuse new users, as they list open positions that have since expired. has been in service since 2000, making it the oldest site of its kind still in operation.