Do Houses in Virginia Usually Have Finished Basements?


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The frequency of finished versus unfinished basements in Virginia is difficult to determine, as there are no state-wide records of basement construction. Property search sites, such as Zillow.com, Homes.com and Rent.com, contain tools that allow users to search for homes that feature finished basements.

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The term "finished basement" refers to a room underneath the main living space in a home that is constructed to resemble a typical living environment rather than a traditional basement. In contrast, an unfinished basement has poured concrete floors and walls, usually of the same stock used during the construction of the home's foundation. Many unfinished basements share other characteristics, such as exposed ceiling beams, uncovered electrical wiring and little to no insulation or ventilation.

When searching for a home with a finished basement, users need to make sure that a basement is included as a default listing requirement on the appropriate site. Listings typically include pictures of the basement, which helps identify whether it is finished. A finished basement usually has carpeting or hardwood floors, properly painted and sealed walls, a continuous ceiling with no exposed wood and some form of lighting. Some finished basements include separate rooms, while others are simply one large space.

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