Where Do You Find Houses up for Auction Because of Back Taxes?


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The houses up for auction due to back taxes can be found on the county recorder websites or at a county courthouse, which has a list of all homes that are under tax foreclosure. Potential buyers can gain access to houses under foreclosures from the county tax collector's office.

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Houses are put up for auction when the owners fail to pay property taxes to the government. The house is sold to the buyer who pays the highest fee and the proceeds used to settle the tax debt. The amount of the tax debt that the owner owes the government determines how cheaply or expensively the house is sold. Typically, the amount of the tax owed to the government acts as the opening bid, but the value at which the house is sold depends on the highest bid placed.

Once a potential buyer finds the house, he should check its title for any liens at the county records office or request the title report for a fee. Title verification helps avoid responsibility for any liens attached to the home. If the title is clear, the bidder registers to participate in the auction and proceeds to place his bid. If he wins the bid, he pays the money to buy the house and assumes its full ownership.

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