How Do You Find Free Houses to Be Moved?

Find free houses that require paying for moving costs through sites such as as well as classifieds sites such as and, as of 2015. Additionally, many regional home and historic preservation societies post listings for free homes in need of movement to a new lot, though availability may vary. publishes articles and videos about home restoration and decoration for older properties, though it also periodically posts about old homes for sale for free. In most cases, the owner of the home no longer has need for the building itself and is thus offering it to anyone willing to cover the costs of removing it from its foundation and transporting it to a new location. Listings on the site contain a description of the home's features and age, along with a short summary of why the home owner is offering it at the price.

Classifieds sites such as and maintain a section in which users may post items available for free in exchange for the new owner picking it up or paying for its removal. These sites occasionally contain posts about free houses available under such circumstances. Listings may vary in home type, ranging from trailers and mobile homes to traditional structures, and by location.

Some historical preservation societies seek to save older homes from demolition by working out deals with the owner to offer the buildings for free. Information about such homes may appear on the website for such organizations, though not all may offer such deals.