What Are Some House Designs?


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Home designs vary over time, but ranch homes, craftsman-style homes and colonial homes are all popular options. Many newer homes are difficult to categorize since construction methods are similar even with different design types.

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What Are Some House Designs?
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The inspiration for ranch homes dates back to Spanish settlement in the United States, but these homes tend to feature relatively low roofs and are typically only one story high. Ranch-style homes feature open floor plans, which give homeowners more flexibility than other homes provide. Their simplicity makes them relatively easy to construct, especially with modern building techniques.

American Craftsman homes were first built in the 1860s and remained popular through the 1930s. Their age, combined with their American design, made them a popular option for much of the nation. More complex than ranch homes, they feature taller roofs and offer an iconic look many buyers like.

The term colonial home typically refers to the large homes seen throughout the Northeast that feature a wide, flat facade and, in some cases, columns. Their large design makes them more popular in wealthier areas, but simpler designs are found in a wide range of areas as well. Colonial designs also influenced many of the mansion-like newer designs popular in the South and other regions that feature larger homes.

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