How Do You Find the Hours of Operation for a FedEx Location?


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Use the store locator on the FedEx website to view the operating hours for a specific FedEx location using an interactive map. The time of the last pickup for the day is also available.

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  1. Click on locations, and enter a zip code in the FedEx website

    Go to the FedEx website, and look for the Locations link on the menu located near the upper right side. On the next page, enter an address or zip code in the white search box that says Find Locations Near, then click the Filter button.

  2. Match the location listing to the map listing

    On the left side is a result list with the addresses of the nearest locations, and on the right side is a map with numbered locations. Find the location on the left side, and match it to the corresponding number on the right side.

  3. Click on the number on the map to see location hours

    After locating the number on the map, click on it to see a pop-up that lists the location's hours for that day. Look at another pop-up box on the left to see store hours for the week.

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