What Is the Hourly Pay Rate for Employees at Home Depot?

As of 2015, the hourly wage for Home Depot employees ranges from $7.84 for a Customer Service Representative to $44.61 for a web designer, states Payscale.com. The highest hourly pay rate for an in-store employee is $25.83 for a First-Line Supervisor.

According to GlassDoor.com, typical hourly rates for a Home Depot cashier are $9.79, and $11.54 for a Sales Associate. Some employees at Home Depot are paid on a salaried basis, such as Store Managers, at $90,993 per year, and Assistant Managers at $59,818 per year.

The Home Depot provides typical employee benefits such as health and life insurance, a 401K plan and vacation and sick leave. The company also offers employees non-standard benefits like adoption assistance, veterinary pet insurance, a legal services plan and homeowners insurance.