What Is the Hourly Pay of a Casual Mail Handler in a USPS Distribution Center?

hourly-pay-casual-mail-handler-usps-distribution-center Credit: slobo/E+/Getty Images

The hourly pay of a full-time regular mail handler in a USPS distribution center as of 2013 started at $15.85, with basic overtime pay at $23.78. According to the United States Postal Service website, postal employees receive regular pay raises based on length of employment and cost of living increases.

Postal employees receive extra pay for working night shifts and on Sundays. They also receive benefits that include health insurance, life insurance, a retirement plan, sick leave, annual vacation leave and paid holidays. The USPS also has career development programs that train employees for technical, driving, supervisory and managerial jobs within the postal system. These programs use resident classrooms and distance learning technology to ensure employees receive training in specific job skills.