What Does a Hotshot Trucking Job Entail?


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Hotshot trucking involves hauling cargo that must travel quickly, so companies contract drivers on an individual run basis. Hotshot truckers seek jobs through local manufacturing or agricultural businesses, wholesale warehouses or large stores. They also search for gigs through Internet hotshot trucking boards.

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Some hotshot truckers create websites for their companies through which businesses that need quick transporting can find them and examine the truckers' offers and schedules. Hotshot truckers promote their companies by sending out flyers and promotional material to any type of business that may require such services.

Hotshot truckers need a variety of licenses and permissions to keep their services legitimate and legal. A hotshot trucker must apply for a number from the U.S. Department of Transportation, which involves submitting an MCS-150 Motor Carrier Identification Report form either online or by mail. A hotshot trucker also needs to apply for operating authority as a for-hire motor carrier by filling out the proper forms.

After receiving the necessary permissions from the Department of Transportation, hotshot truckers often use process agents to accept any specific legal documents at the state level. These process agents are necessary in each state through which a hotshot trucker is transporting material or goods.

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