What Is on a Hotel Organizational Chart?


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A hotel organizational chart includes the executive members at the top of the chart, and working down from there are the hotel manager, the assistant manager and the front office manager. Other personnel on the chart include the executive housekeeper, the sales manager and the executive chef.

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A functional hotel organizational chart provides the complete hierarchy, starting with the executives that run the entire organization. From there, the chart breaks into a few different groups, such as housekeeping, the front desk and concierge, and food and beverage services. The administrative grouping for the hotel organizational chart includes the staff in the human resources, sales and accounting departments. A group for service-related workers includes groundskeeping, maintenance, security and engineering.

A supervisor oversees each group, and that supervisor usually reports to the manager. An organizational chart helps to determine how many supervisors are necessary for each group without any interference to the day-to-day operations of the hotel. The size of the hotel also helps to determine how many managers are needed.

A hotel organizational chart can ensure employee productivity and can ensure that each area only focuses on a specific set of tasks. A hotel organizational chart also helps each area function successfully to accomplish its goals.

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