What Are Some Hotel Jobs in Canada?


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Hotel and hospitality jobs available in Canada include a wide range of fields, such as front desk service, housekeeping, food preparation, guest services and management. Many hotels also feature jobs in fields related to retail, security, accounting, marketing and event coordination, though these may vary depending on the size and style of the property.

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One common type of job available at a hotel in Canada involves the daily operations of the business, such as working at the front desk to help address the needs of guests. This may include checking in new guests, taking reservations over the phone and fielding calls from rooms to make arrangements for special needs. Hotels also employ people in a variety of guest services roles to help facilitate these actions, including bell hops to carry luggage to and from guest rooms, or team members to take items such as toiletries and coffee up to guests.

Most hotels feature some form of on-site dining establishment, which provides for various food service jobs, such as chefs, waiters and bus staff. If the hotel features a related shopping center, such as an outlet mall, it may also directly employ associates to work at shops or a mall customer service desk. Some hotels may be part of larger chains with an overseeing parent organization, which may offer jobs in departments such as marketing or accounting for a specific branch or the company as a whole. Some hotels may also employ in-house security staff as well.

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