What Are Some Hotel Housekeeping Procedures?


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Common hotel housekeeping procedures may include thoroughly cleaning and replenishing guest rooms at a certain time after the guest checks out, knocking and announcing before entering a guest room without a Do Not Disturb sign in place, and following special rules for when to replace guest towels during daily cleaning. Other procedures may include a method for complying with guest requests and restocking service carts before beginning a shift.

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Hotels typically maintain a variety of housekeeping procedures to handle different circumstances and events, all of which focus on ensuring a high level of cleanliness for guest rooms and facilities and professionalism during all guest interactions. Many procedures commonly focus on the methods for cleaning guest rooms after checkout, which may begin with a set daily schedule or housekeeping meeting to determine which rooms are ready for cleaning that day. The actual cleaning procedure often involves adherence to a list that includes aspects such as removing trash, changing bedding, cleaning surfaces and replenishing amenities in a particular order.

Housekeeping procedure also includes details about how room attendants are to interact with guests, often requiring a generally friendly and attentive attitude and instructions to always greet guests when passing them in the hallway. It may also include instructions on how and when to notify guests before entering a room and what to do if the guest asks to attendant to leave. Other procedures may involve methods for maintaining housekeeping supplies as well as submitting forms or other documents to managers.

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