What Are Some Hotel and Hospitality Laws?


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Some hotel and hospitality laws include full disclosure of fees and taxes when an individual is booking a hotel through any channel of distribution. Hotels must also ensure that any food provided for patrons is safe for consumption, and hotels must follow the Hotel and Motel Fire Safety Act

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The law dictates that hotels must adopt honest and fair marketing practices, and they cannot conduct deceptive marketing. If a hotel advertises one price, the employee cannot refuse to offer that price to a patron. If the hotel does not honor the advertised price, the hotel can be sued for deceptive marketing. Hotels cannot discriminate against people on the basis of race, sex, disability status, religion or age.

Hospitality laws as a whole cover the laws relating to the travel industry, food-service industry and lodging industries. These laws govern the establishment and running of restaurants, bars, hotels, country clubs, spas, and convention and meeting centers. The law does not cover one specific area, but rather a variety of areas including trust law, contract laws and tort law. There are also certain liability laws that hotels must follow that help keep their guests safe. Some hotel laws also discuss the solution when a hotel has overbooked itself on guests.

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