How Do You Find Hot Shot Trucking Jobs?

Job candidates can search for hot shot trucking jobs by creating an online profile and browsing through open positions on career websites such as and Specialized sites such as focus solely on trucking positions with the option to choose companies who are seeking hot shot trucking drivers.

Individuals seeking positions as hot shot trucking drivers can also inquire within trucking companies who specialize in short trips and small cargo loads. Search through phone books or the local Chamber of Commerce website to identify businesses who employ truck drivers within the desired area. A personalized phone call to a trucking company may help to open the door for job opportunities.

An additional option to find employment in hot shot trucking is to start a hot shot trucking business. People with the appropriate licenses can operate a business as a contractor for larger companies and seek out private clients to grow the business. Business owners must apply for a U.S. Department of Transportation number through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and obtain property damage and bodily harm insurance.

Hot shot trucking refers to hauling small cargo that typically needs to be rushed and completed in a short run. Deliveries may include transporting documents, products, equipment or refrigerated items.