How Do You Find Hot Shot Transportation Jobs?

Find Hot Shot transportation jobs by visiting job-seeking websites, according to It's also an option to call Hot Shot at 903-292-5181 to inquire about jobs, as of 2015.

UTI Distribution also works with Hot Shot to provide jobs for drivers in different states.

  1. Search job seeking websites
  2. To use job seeking websites, such as, enter the company or type of job wanted, as well as the desired locale. This brings up a list of available jobs that meet the criteria. After locating the list of jobs, click on the headline to learn more details, such as the pay rate and licensing requirements. The description also provides information on how to apply for the job.

  3. Call the company
  4. When calling the company, inquire about any openings and how to apply for those openings. It's also suggested to ask the requirements needed to apply.

  5. Visit the Market Transport website
  6. Apply for Hot Shot jobs online by visiting the Market Transport website. This is where it is necessary to provide a social security number, the previous three years of employment history and the criminal history. It also asks for the driving history, as stated by The application process is simple to follow.