How Do You Find Hospital Driving Jobs?

How Do You Find Hospital Driving Jobs?

Job search and career advice specialty websites, such as Indeed, are a good and easy way to start looking for hospital driving jobs. Ambulance drivers and attendants, except emergency medical technicians (EMTs) have a mean annual wage of $24,490 at $12.26 per hour as of May 2014, states the United States Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS). General medical and surgical hospitals are the top employers for ambulance drivers and attendants with 1,790 as of May 2014.

While California may have the highest employment level for ambulance drivers and attendants, Washington state is the top paying state for the occupation. Ambulance drivers and attendants in the state receive an average mean salary of $33,540 a year at $16.12 per hour.

Searching for jobs in these and other states is rather simple using the search feature on the Indeed website. Indeed is the top job search site in the world with 180 million unique monthly visitors to the site, as stated on the website.

The following shows how to search for hospital driving jobs using the search feature on Indeed.

  1. Go to the website
  2. Type into the browser and press Enter.

  3. Use the search tool
  4. On the home page, type "Hospital Driver" into the "what" search field and the name of the city or a ZIP code to confine the search within a certain area and then click on the Find Jobs button.

  5. Search through the results
  6. Check the results of the search for hospital driving jobs, patient transport jobs or any other related occupation.