How Do You Find Hospital Chaplain Vacancies?


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To find hospital chaplain vacancies, search for the job through a certification board and seminary, or contact hospitals directly to enquire about a job vacancy. Be sure to have prerequisite educational requirements for the job, as well as certification and job experience before attempting to search for the job.

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A hospital chaplain is an expert who counsels and advises the sick in hospitals as well as their relatives and friends. Chaplains may also perform religious rites in accordance with holy scriptures such as the Bible, Koran and Torah.

To get a job as a hospital chaplain, first complete a master's degree program, which is the minimum educational requirement for hospital chaplaincy. However, it is crucial to hold a doctorate degree in order to enhance your chances of employment. Additionally, you must posses good communication and listening skills, and good language to comfort your clients.

Once you've acquired a master's degree, proceed and complete a residency, which lasts for two years. The residency involves attending lectures; serving patients, their relatives and friends; and consulting senior chaplains over issues that relate to chaplaincy. Typically, a senior chaplain supervises a resident chaplain during the residency period. Resident chaplains can accomplish residency successfully by becoming laypersons in the church.

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