How Do You Find Homes for Rent in Greenville?

Find homes available for rent in Greenville, South Carolina, by using real estate databases on websites including Zillow, and Zillow lists rentals in Greenville and in neighboring ZIP codes or neighborhoods, including Berea, Dunean, Nicholtown and Pleasant Valley. You can also search by proximity to local universities. Zillow provides potential renters with a preapplication form as well as an affordability calculator that lets renters figure out how much rent they can afford, as the website explains.

Renters searching for Greenville homes at can filter by price, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms and acceptance of pets. Sort your search by price, recent updates or recently added available homes. Other filters let you limit your search according to square footage, type of property or distance from Greendale itself, according to You can also specify Greenville neighborhoods in which you're interested.

On, you can sort your search for Greenville homes by price, location, newness of the listing, and availability of discount coupons or AT&T's U-verse service. Filter your search by distance to the city center, type of listing, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms or pet acceptance. You can also search using specific property features, such as air conditioning, attics, cable readiness, handicap accessibility, or washer and dryer connections, according to