Are There Homes for Newly Released Felons?


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A number of initiatives and organizations exist with the stated intent of reintegrating recently released felons through the provision of temporary or permanent affordable housing, notes the U.S. Department of Justice. Policies under the auspices of the Department of Justice or Department of Labor are usually implemented as local strategies.

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Government schemes frequently take an indirect approach to reintegration of former prisoners, as explained on Justice.gov. For example, certain districts place greater emphasis on in-prison education and skills training than post-prison support. Funding is regularly devolved to a regional level, meaning that prisoner housing policies vary across the country. In a number of jurisdictions, faith or community-based groups exist with the purpose of providing housing support to former convicts. Due to budgeting restrictions, this tends to be temporary accommodation, rather than permanent settlement. Prison Fellowship is an example of a faith group that provides national organization.

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