How Do You Get a Homepath Home?

To find a home using HomePath, search by location on the home page, locate a listed property, then click on the blue Make an Offer button. Complete the five-step offer process by filling in the online forms, reviewing the information, agreeing to the terms and conditions, uploading the required documents and finalizing the offer. Users must create a HomePath account to begin this process.

HomePath's First Look program lets prospective personal home buyers view and purchase homes 20 days before they become available to investors. First Look properties can be identified by the countdown clock on the property information page, which indicates how many days remain in the First Look period.

HomePath also offers its Ready Buyer Program to first-time home buyers. Ready Buyer is an online education course designed to prepare users for the responsibilities of buying and owning a home. Buyers who have completed the course can receive a percentage off the closing cost of a home.

HomePath offers detailed, step-by-step tutorials for the offer process on its Online Offers Support page. Users can also download and print the three PDF documents necessary to make an offer on this page. You can enter information directly into the document, or you can print and fill them out with a pen. Scan the printed pages, convert them into PDFs, and upload them to complete the offer process.