How Do Homeowners Get an Insurance Estimate?

How Do Homeowners Get an Insurance Estimate?

As of 2014, the easiest way to get a homeowners insurance quote is online, through the website of the chosen insurance company. Most insurance companies give homeowners a free online quote via a short questionnaire that assesses home size and value.

  1. Go to the insurance company's website

    Once there, look for a free quote link. You may also see a box that tells you to input your zip code to get started.

  2. Fill in your details

    This includes your personal information, such as marital status and highest level of education completed, details on the home's location, such as city and state, details on the home's history, such as year built and purchase date, the home's exterior details, such as roof composition and foundation type, and the home's interior details, such as bathroom and kitchen quality.

  3. Identify any potential discounts

    You may receive a discount for an inspection that you paid for within the previous year or for having certain safety features installed. These safety features include smoke detectors on each floor, a sprinkler system, deadbolt locks, an alarm system and a water leak detection device.

  4. Get your quote

    You can purchase your policy on the spot or simply fill out an application if the insurance company requires it. You can also save your quote for later.