What Are Some Homeowners Insurance Companies in Florida?

Homeowner insurance companies in Florida include Citizen’s Property Insurance Corporation, Universal Property and Casualty, St. Johns Insurance and Safeway, according to The Simple Dollar. The Florida Office of Insurance Regulation has a rate comparison tool on its website that allow users to search for and compare homeowners insurance options by geographic location and type of property, according to its website.

Citizen's Property Insurance Corporation is a nonprofit insurance company run by the government that offers affordable insurance policies, according to The Simple Dollar. The company is highly rated, with an A rating from A.M. Best, and is financially secure. Citizen's Property offers discounts to policy owners for reasons such as installing burglar alarm systems or impact-resistant windows and doors.

Universal Property and Casualty offers low-premium rates on its policies compared to other insurance companies in Florida, states The Simple Dollar. Policy holders can file claims at any time, and the company claims it has excellent customer service.

Safeway is also a highly rated insurance company, with an A rating by Demotech and A.M. Best, according to The Simple Dollar. Its homeowner insurance policy covers repairs to all personal property as well as sheds and garages, and personal liability and medical expenses incurred by guests injured on the property.

When choosing an insurance company in Florida, experts suggest consumers should ensure the company is licensed with the state, check common complaints made about the company and ensure the company has financial strength before purchasing a policy, states Bankrate.