What Homeopathic Treatments for Hematoma Are Covered by Medicare?


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Medicare does not cover any sort of homeopathic treatment for hematoma, according to Caring. In order for Medicare to cover a medical expense, it must be deemed as "medically necessary," and the care must be done by a Medicare-approved health care professional.

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Medicare Part A covers procedures or items that are medically necessary to care for a particular disease or condition, states the official Medicare website. These things typically refer to hospital care, skilled nursing facility care, nursing home care, hospice expenses and home health services. Medicare Part B is similar to Part A but also covers preventive services. These include things like clinical research, ambulance services, surgery second opinions, limited outpatient prescription drugs, durable medical equipment and general mental health services. However, Nolo states that Medicare Part B does not cover vaccinations, nonprescription drugs, general dental work, eyesight or hearing exams, and most long-term care.

While most things under these categories are covered, there may be certain exceptions which differ from area to area, writes the Medicare website. Federal and state laws, national coverage decisions made by Medicare and local coverage decisions all influence the types of claims that Medicare covers in any given area. In order to determine if a particular Medicare program covers an expense, talking to a local health care professional is necessary.

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