How Do You Find Home Typist Jobs for Free?


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Find home typist jobs for free through sites such as Elance.com, QuickTate.com, DionDataSolutions.net and Indeed.com, as of 2015. Each site offers different types of typing jobs, ranging from transcription to date entry, with varying pay rates and application processes, with most featuring different amounts of available work over time.

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Elance.com is an online freelancing marketplace that allows workers to connect with companies to complete tasks in many different fields, including several varieties of typist positions. The site includes a list of skills necessary for the job, the hourly rate for the job and the number of proposals from other site users. Entries also feature ratings from users based on past experiences with that employer.

QuickTate.com pays workers to transcribe audio files from phone messages, conference calls and medical settings as well as auditing services for existing audio files. Users need to submit an application to the site to begin typing work, and pass a qualification test in each language in which the typist wishes to work.

DionDataSolutions.com specializes in data entry across various fields, with basic job requirements consisting of a minimum typing speed, basic knowledge of computer skills and the ability to work on a computer with at least Windows XP.

Indeed.com feature job listings from employers in a variety of industries, with most positions focusing on full-time or part-time work. It allows users to browse jobs according to location, pay rate and the company offering the job.

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