What Home Insurance Policies Does Barclays Offer?


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Barclays offers home insurance policies for buildings, contents, landlords, student possessions and high-value homes, states Barclays. Additionally, the company offers special flood, storm and subsidence damage policies. Barclay also insures listed buildings and new home construction that covers on-the-job injuries.

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Barclays building insurance policies cover the structure of a house and its permanent fixtures and fittings. Contents insurance covers the portable items in a home, such as books, clothes and furniture. Homeowners should purchase additional coverage for valuable items, such as art or jewelry, advises Barclays. Policies often combine building and contents coverage at a discounted price. The company adds accidental damage coverage or legal assistance to policies upon request.

Barclays specialist insurance policies for properties rented out include coverage for such things as loss of rent, legal support and property owner’s liability. Student possessions coverage is for students needing insurance for their library books and liabilities as tenants, reports Barclays. Barclays high value home insurance has higher limits and, if needed, covers more than one property. Barclays flood protection guarantees approved tradesmen making the repairs, and a minimum of 12 months for all repairs and replacements arranged by the company. The company also arranges accommodation if it is needed while the repairs are being done.

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