What Does a Home Inspector Typically Look For?


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Home inspectors typically look for structural integrity within the foundation of the home, breaks in the exterior that could lead to internal damage, slopes in the foundation with incorrect water drainage or faulty electrical wiring. The inspector may also look for specific building code violations, the presence of harmful materials or appropriate ventilation within an attic.

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The job of a home inspector is to ensure its compliance with all relevant building and zoning codes as well as its safety during the purchase of a new home. Inspectors are responsible for informing home owners of violations and identifying the methods for rectifying them, often providing a written list of the issues that come to light during the process. The inspection typically begins with looking at the exterior of the home to check for any holes or breaks that could allow water, insects or air into the home and lead to its erosion. Many inspectors also check the foundation for any damage that could result in water buildup during rain.

The interior inspection also checks the walls for holes or cracks that could allow moisture to build up, leading to mold or improper insulation. Though inspectors also check the electrical wiring of the home, but this inspection only applies to open areas and not to any wiring hidden within a wall. The inspector also looks for any harmful materials according to state and federal laws, such as asbestos, along with check additions from the previous owner for proper code compliance.

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