How Do I Get My Home Health Aide Certification?


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To become certified as a home health aide, the student must normally complete an educational training program and pass an exam, according to Inner Body. However, the Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that certification requirements vary by state.

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How Do I Get My Home Health Aide Certification?
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Usually, the student completes the educational program at a community college, according to Inner Body. Students may be required to take as much as 75 hours of training before taking the exam to become certified. Training covers such topics as basic medical care, CPR, first aid, how to manage life support and basic medical vocabulary, according to Educational Portal.

Educational Portal notes that some states just require that the agency that hires the home health aide be certified, rather than each individual being certified. In fact, some agencies do not even require a high school diploma, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Almost all agencies require that home health aides pass background checks before being hired or certified, notes Educational Portal. Generally, the only way to advance in the field is to acquire more education and move up to a different type of career in the medical field, such as a certified nursing assistant, a licensed practical nurse or a registered nurse.

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