Who Are Some Home Elevator Manufacturers?

Home elevator manufacturers include American Crescent, REMI, the OTIS Elevator Company and the Inclinator Company of America. These companies provide ready-made as well as customizable elevators of different sizes and designs.

American Crescent combines expertise and experience to provide residential elevators with excellent cab selections. To make a purchase, customers select an elevator and cab type then specify their building plan to enable the company develop a system that meets requirements. The company also provides a wide selection of elevator replacement parts and accessories.

REMI has several years of combined home and commercial elevator experience. The company makes installing and owning home elevators easy through affordable costs and a fast turnaround. Clients can price elevator types, request for a quote and make purchases via the company's website. The company has a network of certified installation companies across the United States that provide localized purchasing and installation services.

OTIS elevators utilize hydraulic power to provide great riding and leveling speeds. The company provides designs that are ideal for all people including the elderly and physically challenged individuals. The Inclinator Company of America offers home elevators, vertical platform wheelchair lifts and residential dumbwaiter systems. These systems are mostly handmade and customizable using various cab styles and door configurations.