Hoe Do You Format a Meeting Agenda Sheet?


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Though the specific formatting for a meeting agenda sheet may vary depending on the nature of the meeting, most require a simple outline of the general topics under discussion during that session along with any specific details for each area. The agenda may also include time frames for each section along with areas to discuss items from past meetings or make plans for future meetings.

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The purpose of a meeting agenda sheet is to allow the participants to understand the reason for holding the meeting, specifically in terms of the topics to discuss during the session. Some meeting agents begin by listing a name for the meeting, often using the primary discussion topic, along with its date, time and location. The agenda may also include the name of the person or group organizing the meeting, along with a contact email address or phone number.

Below this, many agendas break down the meeting into sections, sometimes with exact time allotments, starting with the general goal of each section. This may begin with taking role for the meeting or making introductions between participants. The bulk of the agents lists out the major topics for discussion along with any specific aspects that are important. Some agendas list topics as questions to help stimulate discussion amongst the meeting participants.

The agenda sheet may also include guidelines for each topic or requirements such as making a decision on a topic. Agenda sheets typically end with a section for summarizing the meeting and making plans for next steps.

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