What Is the History of Walmart Stock Splits?


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Walmart stock has split 10 times as of June 2015. The first five splits occurred on March 20, 1999; Feb. 26, 1993; March 7, 1990; July 13, 1987; and Oct. 7, 1985, and the rest on July 11, 1983; July 12, 1982; Dec. 17, 1980; Aug. 25, 1975; and March 20, 1972, according to Morningstar.

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All Walmart stock splits were two to one splits, notes Morningstar. Therefore, on the day of the split, shareholders received double the shares that were worth half the price prior to the split. Stock splits usually occur when individual shares of the stock may be too expensive for the common investor, explains Trading Common Sense. Stock splits often occur because the price of the stock has risen significantly, so most investors consider a split to be a positive indicator of the company's future profitability.

Walmart stock also pays cash dividends every quarter to shareholders. As of June 2015, Walmart has issued two dividends for 2015, both in the amount of 49 cents per share. In 2014, the company paid quarterly dividends for an annual total of $1.92 per share and a year-end yield of 2.24 percent. In 2013, Walmart paid $1.88 per share but had a slightly higher year-end yield at 2.39 percent, explains Morningstar.

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