How Do You Find the History of a Home's Value?

How Do You Find the History of a Home's Value?, the online real-estate resource, provides one of the easiest ways to find the history of a home's value and selling prices. Most listings include a full history of the home's actual selling prices from any transaction of ownership as well as tax assessments from year to year. features robust research tools that can be used when in the market to either sell or buy a home. In fact, the ability to view past selling prices along with year-to-year tax assessments is possibly one of the most valuable tools available to users. This service is provided free of charge to the user with no restrictions on number of views or searchable cities or regions.

While provides information regarding previous sales and tax assessments to all users without having to log into an account, some information is only available through signing in to a free account. Once logged in, users can view information regarding previous rental listings for the property.

While is possibly the most user-friendly website, as it is designed for everyday users, other free resources are available online as well. provides similar information to, though some may find the layout of the website to be less intuitive than others. The ability to view the source of the information contained in the property history is one advantage of