What Is the History of Daikin Industries?

Akira Yamada founded Daikin Industries Limited in 1924. It was initially known as Osaka Kinzoku Kogyosho Limited Partnership. After a series of other name changes, the company received its current name in 1982. Daikin was and is a provider of heating, ventilation and air condition systems, also known as HVAC. It has been behind several innovations in the HVAC industry, including inventing variable refrigerator flow, or VRF.

Daikin first expanded internationally in 1969 when it established Clark Daikin, a joint venture air conditioning sales company. Daikin proceeded to establish additional companies in Singapore in 1980, Belgium in 1982, Thailand in 1987, Germany in 1992 and France in 1993. It continued to expand into the 21st century, opening facilities in China in 1995, Malaysia in 1996, the Philippines and South Africa in 1998, Austria in 1999, and Spain and India in 2000.

Daikin entered the North American market in 2004 and opened its first manufacturing facility on the continent in 2013 in Houston, Texas. Since entering the American and Canadian markets, Daikin has steadily expanded its control and market share of the HVAC market. The company's attempted acquisition of Goodman Global in 2011 would have made it the largest provider of HVAC systems in the world. While the deal fell through, Daikin remains one of the world leaders in HVAC manufacturing as of 2015.