What Is the History of the American Waltham Watch Company?


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The American Waltham Watch Company began in 1850 and based its operations in Roxbury, Massachusetts. The company began productions on its watches in 1851, with the first batch of watches hitting the market in 1853. The company ceased production of watches in 1957 and became the Waltham Precision Instrument Company.

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At first, the company's name was American Horologe Company. By the end of 1853, the name changed to Boston Watch Company. In 1857, Royal E. Robbins bought the failing company at an auction, restructured the business and renamed it Tracy, Baker & Co. By the end of that year, the company's changed once again, this time to Appleton, Tracy & Co.

Two years later in 1859, Appleton, Tracy & Co. joined with Waltham Improvement Co. to form the American Watch Company. The company barely avoided bankruptcy during the Civil War, and in1885, the company added "Waltham" to the company name, becoming American Waltham Watch Company. Before ceasing production on watches, the company changed its name a final time to Waltham Watch Company.

After 1957, the Hallmark Watch Company bought the rights to use the Waltham Watch Company name on its watches. Some of the original company buildings were added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1989.

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