How Do You Find Historical Stock Charts?


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Financial websites such as Macrotrends and BigCharts offer historical stock charts for major market indexes and individual stocks, according to each website. Macrotrends displays a 100-year chart for the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

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BigCharts gives users the ability to enter a company’s symbol and a specific date in order to receive a historical chart for that stock on that particular day, explains BigCharts. The information includes the day’s closing price, its opening price, and the high and low price for that day. A volume indicator shows how many shares of the company’s stock traded on that day.

Macrotrends allows users to view the history of the Dow Jones over the previous five to 20 years. The website features an All Data tab allowing users to view the history of the Dow Jones since its inception. Macrotrends also features a historical chart of stock market cycles, highlighting the three major secular market cycles that occurred over the previous 100 years. Users receive access to the historical prices of major market indexes such as the NASDAQ, the Dow Jones Utility Average and the S&P 500. Additional historical information includes the NASDAQ historical chart, adjusted for inflation and crude oil, versus the S&P 500.

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