How Do You View Historical Interest Rates?

How Do You View Historical Interest Rates?

To view the historical interest rates of government institutions, visit the U.S. Department of the Treasury's official website or go to the Federal Reserve's official website. Other institutions provide interest rates online based on the loan requested and the formula that the company uses, according to FinAid.

Specific interest rates vary depending on the institution offering credit, who receives the loan and whether it is a fixed rate, according to the Economics Web Institute.

The U.S. Department of the Treasury provides historical treasury rates online as far back as the year 1990, and the Federal Reserve has data from interest rate swaps. Compare data from one year to another using the graph on the Department of the Treasury website. Include information about the maturity of the rate and the nominal year.

Some institutions provide data on average, minimum and maximum historical interest rates online, such as the First Republic Bank. The bank's official website has data from as far back as 1986 for its prime rates.

FinAid explains that interest rates change over the years due to policy adaptations, formula changes and grace period policies within the institutions.

The Federal Reserve lists historical statistics about interest rates for most institutions operating in the United States, but specific information about historical interest rates originates with the institution itself.