How Do You View Historical Bond Prices?

How Do You View Historical Bond Prices?

There are several online resources that give investors a detailed history of bond prices; Yahoo Finance, Bonds Online and NASDQ provide research tools that can be referenced for an overview of a bond's price historically, some as far back as 10 years. Other resources worth noting include the brokerage site or financial institution's interactive investment tools or contacting an investment banker directly, according to Investopedia.

Historically, a specific bond's historic price was typically sought by investment firms and brokerage houses instead of an individual investor. As a result, there is traditionally less information available on bonds as opposed to stock options.

The ongoing trend of more resources becoming available online that are designed to provide in-depth information that augments the advice of a broker continues. Sites like BondsOnline let a user set the span of a past search of its profit margins, available for download straight to an Excel file.

Online charts are also created on sites according to past and present information to visually give an individual investor a better sense of the potential yields of financial support for a bond.

Armed with this information, individuals can talk to an investment banker with an educated perspective of both corporate and municipal bonds. The latter supports community centers such as hospitals and school districts, according to Fidelity.