Who Hires Felons in Florida?

Who Hires Felons in Florida?

Some companies that may be open to hiring a person with a felony include Ace Hardware, Baskin-Robbins, Dairy Queen, Target and Toys R Us. While there is no guarantee of employment, these companies are a good starting point. One should keep in mind that the more applications are put in, the better the chance of being hired.

A person with a felony conviction on his or her record may be discouraged when faced with finding gainful employment. While many companies outright reject applications that indicate a criminal record, there are ways a former convict can get his or her foot in the door.

Come to the interview prepared, with a lot of references. Consider a reference from a parole officer, prison warden, former employer or church leader. The references can also be included with an application, prior to an interview.

Do not aim too high. It is easier to get a job when a person already has one. Consider taking a step back, and work in fast food or on a construction site for a few months, then apply for a higher-paying job with more responsibility.

Seal or expunge the record. According to Fox19, depending on the laws of the state, a person's criminal record may be able to be sealed. This means prospective employers will not find it when doing a background check. Expunging the record is a more difficult process, but in doing so the criminal record is entirely erased from the person's past.